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I’m at camp all week with our students. Every day a slew of 15 passenger vans go out of camp. This time of year, they seem to be everywhere. You surely are following a youth pastor if…

1. the van is large and white
2. the van holds 15 passengers but appears to have 30.
3. the van has music blaring and is bouncing from side to side in what you can only assume is in conjunction with some rhythm from the music.
4. the van just hit a speed bump so fast that the entire rear row just hit their head on the ceiling.
5. the van keeps taking corners at the last minute.
6. the van is filled with teens, many wearing the same color shirt
7. the van is from Enterprise
8. the inside of the van is covered in fast food trash.
9. the van is always honking at other vans
10. screaming. you think you hear screaming.

welcome to my world people…. welcome to my world.


  1. I’ve been in that world and I think it’s great!!! What good memories from the church van to the church bus!!! 🙂

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