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If you’re a parent like me, then finding the time to sit and listen to a podcast or audio teaching while you do nothing is not happening.  However, the background noise for the 15 minute drive to work or the 1/2 hour run you go on might be up for grabs.  For me, those are the slots that I’m trying to fill with some intentional learning.

So, in honor of lending your ear toward a few GREAT investments in your time as a parent- even if it’s just in the background of other activities…   Here’s 6 podcasts episodes I recently listened to that I think would be worth your time.

0e2372319_1376941814_logomarinersWHAT KIDS NEED FROM CARING ADULTS.  My friend Doug Fields recently did a 3 part series on the weekends both at Saddleback and at Mariners in southern CA by this title.  In these talks, Doug shares lots of stories, some really practical ideas, and gives you a ton of food for thought on parenting intentionally.  Each message is about 45 minutes long, but so worth it.  If you’re married, I’d encourage you to listen either with your spouse or to have your spouse listen after you do and then share your thoughts as you go along.  Lots to talk and think about here.  If you want to read about some more of Doug’s thoughts on this, you should pick up his short book “What Matter’s Most“.  I loved this read and it gave me so much permission to draw lines in defense of my marriage and family by reading it.

Here’s the link to the podcasts from his time at Mariners:



I subscribe to this monthly leadership podcast by Andy Stanley (pastor, author, etc)   I loved the insights he gives about leading with the end game in mind.  Seriously, so so good.  GIVE THIS PODCAST A LISTEN.  You’ll be inspired and challenged.  If you want to read on this subject by Andy Stanley, then pick up his book “Choosing to Cheat“.  It’s a short, but challenging read that shaped my story.

Here’s the link to the podcast:

UnknownTIPS FOR PROTECTING YOUR MARRIAGE AND FAMILY.   This is a 2 part series of radio interviews I did with Jim Burns from and their syndicated radio show that aired this week.  Both were based on the content of my book, As For Me and My Crazy House (which you can grab a copy off right off the sidebar in this blog if you want).  I think you might find them interesting to give a listen to, regardless of if you’ve read the book or not.

Here’s the link to the podcasts:


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