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Here’s how my day started.

7:50 drop the two younger kids off at school and go to work. In my office praying about some stuff that’s really not sitting well with me today. I’m already kinda on the verge of tears to be honest and writing a note to deal with one of the issues.

8:30 TJ’s ride is supposed to show up to take him to school.

8:41 he calls me and says they have not arrived.

8:41 and a half- I call 2 families to try and find out if they are home and can help.

8:44- no luck. No one’s home. I call TJ back and say I’ll leave the office and come get him.

8:46 jump in the car and get on freeway to go home and help TJ get to school.

8:47 and 3 seconds, TJ calls my cell. I have not put in my earpiece yet, cuz I’m in a ridiculous hurry and not making calls, but answer the phone due to who is calling.

8:47 and 5 seconds. I pass a motorcycle cop with a radar gun.

8:48 and 7 seconds, TJ tells me they were running late and I hang up.

8:48 and 10 seconds, cop pulls out onto the freakin freeway. I pull off on next off ramp since I no longer have to go get TJ. Cop then pulls up next to me and pulls me over with that annoying pointing thing they do. He then sees that I have a hands free piece sitting next to me and I am not on my cell. I tell him it was a mistake and that I’m sorry, my son called me from home and…. whatever- he asks for all my junk and then gives me a ticket for a 4 second phone call. The stupid ticket even says I was doing 10 miles BELOW the speed limit. RIDICULOUS!!!

I don’t think God likes me today. I know the cops don’t. I’m positive my wallet is pissed at me and I might just have my feakin ear piece surgically attached to satisfy california law.


  1. Sorry dude, I’m frustrated on your behalf. What’s more annoying is that all studies have shown an earpiece does nothing to make it safer to drive while on the phone. It’s a pointless law.

  2. Maybe you should just move to idaho!! 🙂

  3. praying for you, sounds like a rough day.

  4. Bro…I’m so sorry!!!

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