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Our last day as a family was spent as full as we could. We had breakfast in camp and tyler showed us his newly found fire making skills one more time.
Then packed up the swimsuits and a lunch and headed out of the campground for a day of bonding. We kicked it off just outside of camp in Wawona on a 3 mile flat trail around the Wawona meadow. We’re about as quiet as a semi-truck, so we saw no wildlife really, but lots of beauty to behold nonetheless. I hung with the kids and this trail allows dogs so Zeus went too… shannon was all hiked out. She stayed back at the truck and read her book in the shade.
We finished our hike and decided to head into the Yosemite Valley to put the kayak in the water in a wide spot in the river we had found on our first day in the valley. We had tons of fun float in clearly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever had the privelege of paddling.

We then made one final stop at Fern Spring for our final fill up on water from the naturally filtered spring.

Then after naps and dinner, Shannon stuck back with the 6 year olds to do some final packing and I took the older ones back up to Glacier Point to watch the sun go down.

Then we loaded up the truck again in the morning in record time and proceeded to drive home in a ridiculous 10 hour trek through L.A. traffic. Moral of the story.. either leave at 6am or give it up and leave at 3pm. 10am no workeee for me.

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