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RIVER DAY in pics….

We hung out at our campsite and never left the campgrounds all day.  We got up, ate breakfast, and then were lazy style relaxing by the river in the morning right next to our camp.  I regret to say I did not buy a fishing license or bring my pole… so I sat and sipped on some java while toying with my camera all morning.

Then I took the older two boys and dropped them off on what would be a solo run down the lazy river where they have stories of “near death experiences” where they had to have “their lives saved” by another set of campers.  Seriously, you should hear them tell the story.  Good thing I sent them with life vests.  Guess that’s how boys become men!


After they survived, we had a fun afternoon on a lazy hot day next to a very COLD river.  The numbness went away after a while 🙂  Regardless, everyone dove right in and becky and billy got their first ride on Daddy’s kayak. 

Then, after a nice set of afternoon naps, our friends the Hammonds and the Phillipsons (who were lodging it in the Yosemite Valley) came out to the slums we call “the wawona campground” and had chicken/apple/walnut salad with us and some smores.   The Hammond boys had done some fish catching in the Tuolome Meadows area of the park, so we did a little fish fry too so they could taste their spoils.   They were however out fished by Becky and Billy who evidently have been dying for fish for 6 months and no one told us.  They pounded all the scraps like it was candy.


  1. dude awesome pic of all the kids on the Kayak! Yosemite is great, but i will get you some pics of Rocky Mountain National Park–we leave for Colorado for 2 weeks on Thursday

  2. have tons of fun my friend. can’t wait to see the pics!!!

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