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My family and I, along with 15 other students are going to Uganda this summer to work with an orphanage for 2 weeks. Then we’re sending the students and adults from Encounter home and my family is staying behind to hang out with my sister and her family who are currently living there on a missions project. My parents will be there too. So it should be quite the memory. However, the total cost for the missions end of the trip about $4000 per person, so we have lots and lots of work to do.

On our families end, TJ and Tyler and I went to help a family move from Journey on Saturday morning. They, along with 3 other high school students helped us to raise $250 for our team.

Today, after school we went to go get our passports (Side note, um… TJ and Tyler’s passports had expired, Jake never had one, and Shannon and I’s were stolen out of my car, so um $455 later, we were done with passports. Ouch.) Anyway, my family took in a bunch of recycling we started collecting at church. 3 weeks worth of cans and bottles amounted to a $50 loot. I never thought I’d be finding $50 in the trash, but over this school year alone, I bet my family has collected about $400 in cans and bottles for the kids school or our church.

I’m going to start sending some letters out this week to some of our friends and family who might want to help us change the world, a few kids at a time. I’ll post that letter on this site soon for all of you who drop in here and maybe feel like you’ve been a part of my family’s journey while you follow my blog. That way you can join in helping us send our family to Uganda too if you want.

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