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I voted for Obama yesterday. Here’s a few reasons why:

  • because he told me that while he was a Democrat, he didn’t care to lead by that banner, but by the banner of the United States. I didn’t get that same sense from McCain.
  • because I sensed a humility that I think is lacking in our leadership. I pray he keeps it.
  • because I believed that the President of the United States is no longer responsible for just our portion of the North American continent, but to be a responsible Global Leader. I believed that Obama would bring a combination of humility and conviction to the table of world leadership discussion and debate.
  • because in the end, I thought he made a wiser choice in a proven running mate. It was not as good for Saturday Night Live, but I’ll just watch the re-runs of Tina Fey if I need a good laugh.

In order to do so though, I had to come to 3 conclusions- each of which were a hurdle large enough to cause me to vote for McCain if I could not cross them:

  • I was not voting for him because I desperately wanted to see a black man in the oval office. He got 95% of the black vote, pollsters tell us. I understand why, but I think some of that is unhealthy and unwise as a standard for our future. I hope that does not continue anymore than I hope any white guy wins 95% of the white vote or a woman wins 95% of the female vote. I’m excited at the historical landmark this is today- even brings me to tears at the significance of this and what it will mean for me and my children and for generations to come-, but there are lots of black, white, asian, hispanic, what have you- men and women who should not be in office. I had to believe that Obama was someone who could do the job, regardless of color or gender. The historical landmark was a bonus, not the point for me.
  • The economy was going to be a mess for a while, and neither party has the right solution. I don’t believe that the Republicans or the Democrats hold the solution to the way we mismanage our money on a government level. But I was ready to try something else. Hopefully this will be the “something else” that will bring solution and not greater divide to our economy and it’s influence around the world.
  • I had to believe the studies that said that the abortion and rights of an unborn child are not ultimately tied to a President. They go up and down regardless of the political persuassion of that person. If it were this issue alone, I would not have voted for Obama. I cannot fathom for the life of me, why a dentist cannot take out a wisdom tooth without parental permission but a doctor can perform an abortion without one or why a man of Obama’s influence/wisdom/etc. would see this as good. He makes me doubt the wisdom piece with this position. I also cannot see why one can- on a purely humanitarian level- support a partial birth abortion. We voted as a state of CA to treat chickens with greater dignity today than we give a human fetus just minutes from birth. I believe that pains the heart of God. I ultimately had to believe that this issue goes way deeper and must be solved by someone other than the man with the chair in the oval office.

Lastly, I completely and wholly agreed with this post from my friend and pastor- Ed. I prayed this today along with him and will continue to pray this for Obama and for myself for that matter.


  1. Oh this post makes me sad.

    While I know that abortion laws and the rights of the unborn (or almost-born in some cases) will not radically change with the election of a democrat or republican. I do not see roe vs wade being over-turned regardless of political party.

    But I feel like a politician’s moral compass should be weighed heavily. I don’t believe in voting on one issue alone, but this one issue did weigh heavily with me. I think abortion is a tragedy – yet is something that americans have become somewhat numb to. We’ve all accepted the fact that it will remain legal, and woman will continue to get them. But I couldn’t and can’t get past someone who has so little value of human life to support partial-birth abortions (otherwise known as infanticide). I cannot imagine that such a person would have MY best interest at heart, my family’s best interest at heart, my kid’s best interest at heart, my baby’s best interest at heart, my newborn’s best interest at heart….

    I am also concerned with his pastor and church. I don’t need to go into details, we’ve all seen the video on TV. A church he chose to attend for 20 years, and a pastor he considered a mentor and friend. And only since running for office did he pull away.

    And lastly (well not really, but for the sake of this post) his lean towards socialism & redistribution. God has given me a heart for the needy, the poor, the orphans, the widows….
    But he has given me a heart and I choose to care for them. I also hope that I can be encouragement to others to give sacrificially to those in need. But to be demanded, commanded, to give. To have it forced upon us to give more while he expands the welfare program…..???? It’s a scary time for the self-employed middle-class.

    This has been such a weird election. I know you expressed not want ting to vote who you “were expected to” or “supposed” to. And I agree with that. I was just surprised to see how divided the church was on this. I really thought there would just be some things that were universal deal-breakers about Barack.

    And I’d like to add more, but baby Zeke is ill today and needs some TLC.

  2. I share your concerns about abortion Amy. I debated long and hard on this one in my own heart. Like I said, I see this issue as a deal-breaker. I felt very stuck in this election. I don’t like what this says or implies in my mind about his character.

    I think Obama is wrong on this one. I think McCain has it right.

    In the end, I had to decide if this was going to be a one issue deal breaker for me. I had to decide that the president is not God on this one, and if enough American’s decide to honor God on this issue, it would not matter what this president believes. It’s a people issue, of which he is a powerful one. Bush sides with me on this, but it has not meant his presidency has not had HUGE and dramatic impact in other areas- many negative. This gave me proof that my vote cannot pivot on this issue, even though I believe a lot does.

    Either way, we elect a man who sins like you and me into office. I’m praying for grace on all of us- no matter who sits in that oval office chair. I need a bunch of it.

  3. Thanks for articulating so well what many other Christ followers felt when they voted for Obama. Me included. Eight years of our “pro-life” President Bush had me voting for a change. I think a vote for McCain, although an absolutely honorable man, was a vote for eight more years of the same. I don’t know who Jesus would have endorsed as a candidate. He was more concerned with His Kingdom than ours. I’m also pretty sure that he talked about caring for the poor, feeding the hungry, taking care of those less fortunate than us, things that I think Barack Obama seemed more concerned about and had an answer for than McCain. I just wanted to let you know you weren’t alone. I know that I’ve been feeling alone and was glad to see your post. Thanks.

  4. Hmmm.
    This one is a tough one for me. I understand your sentiments on Obama. I was pretty much undecided for a long while. In the end his stance on abortion and partial birth abortion made it impossible for me to fill in the bubble next to his name. I know you know the president elects Supreme Court Justices, and that will most probably come into play. I also somewhat worry about the Christian “coolness” of voting for Obama that seemed to be the trend. Just a thought.

  5. yeah Becky,

    under the heading “I didn’t vote for him because he was black” comes the subheading “or because it was cool.” However the vote for me, “I’m the real maverick” and it’s cool to vote for the uncool underdog guy was not exactly working for me either.

    And as for the abortion and the supreme court…. regardless of their stance, they can make it legal, but Christians still have to decide if they’ll get one or not.

    Bottom line, it’s legal to do a lot of stuff in this country I choose not to do because it’s against God’s call on my life. In the end, at least for today, I’ve decided that the other issues were bigger for me because this one is at the mercy of the people who are pregnant. It’s their decision before it’s ever Obama’s. I can’t say the same for the discussion that happens at the table in the United Nations or in the White House press room.

  6. All I can say is Wow!! Amazing how easily moral issues can be swept aside as if it doesn’t matter-it’s just one issue. Doesn’t change in God’s eyes. It’s 1 serious issue. So side with a party that doesn’t share your moral values??? Doesn’t make a lot if sense at all. When will you stand up for what is right…even if it only involves 1 issue?

  7. I almost didn’t post the mr or mrs anonymous quote, not because it is merely an accusation, but because it is anonymous.

    Beyond that, I think in the other comments I responded to as well as in this post, I explained why I no longer see the presidency as the abortion advocate role I wish it was. The damage to our world on many other social and moral ills by pro-life presidencies has contributed to my belief that I cannot allow this issue to be the sole issue in my voting.

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