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Activism is a big deal these days in Christian circles. Especially the post modern or emerging ones. I hear lots of ranting about taking care of the poor. I hear lots of noise about war. I hear lots of talk on taking care of the planet. I’m a fan of the conversation and I’m trying to take healthy steps in all 3 of those areas.

But I have not heard of anyone suggesting we should boycott products made in places that do huge injustice to people based solely on their proclamation of faith. I recently started reading this blog for the purposes of opening my eyes and praying more intentionally for those who are persecuted.

This post
made me ask, “Why do we buy I buy so much stuff made in china?” I’ve never been much of a protest guy, but maybe I should think before I purchase based on this fact alone.

Either way, I prayed for Pastor Zhang today. I wish there was more I could do. Maybe there is.

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