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I never woulda guessed it. But Italy exists in San Diego. And no, I’m not talking about “Little Italy”. I’m talkin’ about the real deal, Gondola boat opera singing thing.

About a year ago, I subscribed to some e-mail in San Diego called the groupon. It’s basically a “coupon” that is activated by group buy in. If “x” people want it, then you can have it for “x” bucks. Well I saw one back in September for a romantic private boat ride date for two for $40. Ok, so I’m cheap and a sucker and I clicked on it.

And it was for the Gondola company.

Who woulda known? … but down in San Diego Bay, just south Coronado and Silver Strand beach, there is a company that gives hour long gondola boat rides in the bay next to multi-million dollar estates from like 3pm to midnight, 7 days a week or something like that. So, last Saturday, Shannon and I spent my coupon and went at 5:30pm. Just in time to get to see the sunset and some stars too.

We drank champagne and ate chocolate covered strawberries while our boat guy sang italian opera. Seriously, dude asked us if we wanted him to sing about half way into our ride and he busted out some opera thing in Italian. I won’t lie to you, it was some crazy combo of romantic, silly, cheezy, and fun. But I didn’t tell Shannon and I surprised her and it wasn’t an anniversary or birthday or nothing, so I scored and looked like the man. 3 cheers for groupon and e-mail and Italian boat rower guys.

So if you’re looking for some crazy date night in San Diego, you should surprise your spouse and hit it up.

OH AND WORD TO THE WISE: If you’re going to propose to your girlfriend though, ask about the track record of the boat driver first. Ours had one right before we got on and she said, “yes.” He said he had a co-worker who has had the girl say “no” 7 times in a row. Don’t get on that guys boat…. or at least don’t suprise your girlfriend on that guys boat 🙂

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