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Today after 3 soccer games, we went shopping for a new mattress for Tyler, cuz he is moving into TJ’s room and Tyler’s bunk is gonna become Billy’s.

Anyway, we were at JC Penny and buying a mattress from our 72 year old salesman (he told us that earlier in our sales process) when at the end, he tries to be funny and says:

“Hey, it was nice of you to come in. But you appear to have only brought in part of your family. Where did you put the sister?”

To which Jake says all loud and proud, “Oh, she’s in Africa!”

Salesman, smiles and looks at Jake and says, “Oh, that’s cute. Africa.” and rubs Jake’s head and laughs a little.

To which Shannon says, “No really, we’re adopting and that’s why we need another mattress.”

I then bust out the phone to show the “family picture.”

Salesman then looks at us and smiles and says, “Well, that’s great. God bless you.”

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