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I was sitting in our high school youth group on Sunday and we were having a pumpkin coloring contest.  You know, like kindergarden where you have a sheet of paper with a giant pumpkin on it and a box of crayons to color with.  It was awesome I tell you… and it gave us 7 minutes of mindless and pointless competition to talk through as we raced to color the award winner.  It was great fun.

As I sat and colored during our 9am service and asked about how the weekend was, most told me about the homecoming football game.   I went to one this year for the first time in a long time and sat in the stands and tried to be an observer.  Since TJ was the first of 10 years of high school in the Berrytribe, my wife and I figured it was a good tradition to start.  So we took the family on Friday night for the homecoming game at Steele Canyon.

But as we talked, one of them said that a local high school in our community, Patrick Henry, elected a lesbian girl to be prom King.  I thought they were joking or surely had their story wrong.   But it turns out they did not.  I went searching and found the news story.  Patrick Henry High School named a girl “homecoming king”.  Why?   Because she says she’s attracted to girls and therefore can be king?

I don’t get it.

Is this just a way for high school students to mock the process and call the contest stupid in the first place? If so then I get it a little.

Or is this legit? And if so, I’m back to not getting it.  Regardless of your views on same sex attraction, isn’t homecoming King for a man and Queen for a woman?   If the school let the students give a girl the “homecoming King” award, what else can she/he do?   Does that mean she can use the men’s restroom at the dance?  What other gender specific roles will the administration allow students to redefine?  Can men now claim to be women and do the same thing?  What if a gay man wants to play girls volleyball, can he?

Is there really this much confusion over anatomy?  It’s not a sexuality issue in my mind, it’s biology 101.

I still don’t get it.

Turns out the girl who won homecoming Queen is the newly elected homecoming “King’s” girlfriend. But homecoming is not a dating couple contest, it’s one guy and one gal elected to be King and Queen of a dance and usually awarded during a football game.  So in other words, if they elect a lesbian girl as queen, her King is not her default date for the prom, he’s just a guy at school who won the opposite gender award.  So why the need to elect a dating couple of any gender combination in the first place?

But what do I know. I’m evidently crazy… and this officially makes high school ministry an entirely different world than the one I went to school in.  I’m gonna stop telling students it’s kinda like when I was in high school.  Evidently I’m late to the party I’ve been at for a long time.  Seriously late.

Only rich drug dealers used to have suitcase sized mobile phones. Now even drug-free students have phones smaller than my wallet.

Writing notes to people you liked used to be so cool & a way to cheat on tests.  Now you date, cheat on tests, and even break up with your date via text msg in an entirely different classroom.

I went to school in the late 80’s.  Now they have 80’s day at high school to mock my coolness.

And now the King is a Queen.

I sound like my grandpa.  I must be getting old.


  1. Well, at my high school, the whole King and Queen thing WAS voting on a dating couple. But I get what you’re saying, and I’m feeling my age more and more too when relating to teens now. Keep up the good work!

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