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So it’s been stormin’ like crazy the last 3 days.  I wish I was going to the snow tomorrow, cuz the pow pow is gonna be 12 feet deep in tahoe.  Dang I wish I was there.

In the meantime, we’ve had tons of rain saturate our land, our car port/cover thing went flying in some kinda torrential wind storm that ripped it to bits and landed it like 40 feet away-upside down in my yard, and then bits and stints of hail.

Usually it would rain hard, hail for a second, then stop.  Today about 4:30pm though, it rained, then it hailed, then it really hailed, then it started dropping 3/8″ balls.

Then it covered my entire street.  

Then it got the UPS guy stuck as he spined his wheels.

Then it turned into bowling for brothers and sisters as the big kids were too heavy to slide, but the ice balls were large and regular enough for the entire neighborhood to sled our street with the little ones.  

Then TJ figured out that the trampoline was covered in balls of ice and yeah… that’s way fun when you’re 12!!

There you go, one crazy San Diego day for the memory books!

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