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So, today was a fun morning at Encounter in our annual dating/sexuality series. We laughed, we thunk, we prayed, we talked, we read our bibles, we sang… good Sunday with some visitors, good student involvement, and pretty high engagement in our teaching.

In main service this weekend, the “adult services” are in the last Sunday of a campaign/ re-commitment/ vision casting series on the process our church has gone through to buy our buildings that started 18 months ago and is now at the half way point of a 3 year project. Good stuff. Important stuff.

But IF you were in high school, which series would you take your boyfriend/girlfriend to?

IF you were me, then you watched two separate couples at two separate times walk hand in hand smiling and giggling right past your high school room door, acknowledge you, and then keep on going to main service.

IF you are me, then you would scratch your head, wonder what in the world you are doing, and why two dating couples would ditch a dating series to go listen to a money talk while pondering stabbing yourself in the eye with a blunt object. 14 years of youth ministry has taught me I don’t know jack about teens.


  1. To answer your question, if I were in high school I would have totally ditched the money talk to hear what you & my peers had to say about dating. I guess journey up is engaging even the young folk to participate…that’s pretty cool.

  2. If it were me in 9th or 10th grade, I’d go to the money talk. That would be the best route to avoid hearing anything convicting about my sexual relationship with my girlfriend at the time. With an added bonus of stoking my self-righteousness because – hey, at least I’m at church today.

    If it were me in high school, post-conversion, I’d definitely do the dating/sexuality series. When Jesus became my Lord, his Word became my authority and I wanted to know his thoughts and demands on all areas of my life.

    Sadly, perhaps the hand-holding couples have deliberately taken the path of avoidance.

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