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Ok, so I fully expect to have some weird stuff happen on this trip.

So far, weired item number one was in every seat back. British Air gives you a blanket, pair of socks, headphones and if you ask me….. a tampon dispenser.

However…. it’s a toothbrush with a single shot of toothpaste.

So, Weird thing number one: British Airways Tampon Toothbrush. Go ahead and brush your teeth with that.


  1. the3johnstons says:

    Tampon was not my first thought, I was starting to wonder why British Air was giving you something to blow the plane up with. Thank goodness my thought was wrong and they were just helping the plane not smell as bad as it would from people sleeping all night! Stay safe, prayers comin’ your way!! Love ya.

  2. Brian – you’re a crack up! I do agree, it does look like a tampon!

    I’m so grateful you are a fervent blogger . . . and that you also post lots of cool pictures. I don’t feel so far removed from my baby girl!! It looks like you guys are already having a blast and we are very excited to hear all the praise reports and fun stories of your adventures!

    Godspeed and please give my girl a hug from her mama!!

  3. brian you’re a sicko, but we love you anyway!

  4. Blaze's mom says:

    Got to have a sense of humor.So who was the first one brave enough to figure it out? Sounds like a great memento. Praying for the team.
    Blaze’s mom

  5. Anonymous says:

    funny…I flew British Air to London a few years ago and as a woman, having received the same item, tampon did not occur to me. my thought…toothbrush!

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