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While celebrating my 14 year anniversary with Shannon, I decided to do 2 things this school year.

#1. Walk by boys to school all year on Mondays. (maybe even rain or shine- we’ll see)
#2. Have breakfast with TJ on Wednesdays.

Since TJ starts middle school an hour after his brothers, I decided to use it for breakfast with TJ. He loves to read, so Monday we picked up some books at the YS office by Mark Oestreicher and Kurt Johnston written directly for middle school kids. We decided to start with one called, “My School“. We are also reading the one minute Bible for students together.

It was good food, good times, and good conversation. I had the breakfast bagel on wheat with provolone. He had the breakfast bagel on plain with cheddar. We’ll see if that becomes our “regular”. We’re going to go to the same place all year- maybe in a few months we’ll just be able to walk up and say, “the usual please.” How cool would that be?!

Here’s a pic of what I hope to be a middle school tradition for all my boys.


  1. Dude, what a great way to use that extra time. You’re a good Dad.

  2. B-

    You’re such a great dad and a great example to some of us who are a little younger at the Father/Son thing. My boys and I are starting to get in our grooves that are special and we’re starting to set traditions that will hopefully go on through their lives. Great post friend! BTW i would love to be one of the cats coming from cross country! Give hugs to Shannon and the boys from the Faiai’s.

  3. You are a great dad Brian! What a neat idea… 🙂

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