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This fall there have been 3 things that I’ve had happen or observed that are worth stealing if you want to make a difference in the lives of students or families or even your friends.  I can take credit for none of them.  But all of them both inspired and challenged me. 

CALL PEOPLE TO BRAG ABOUT THEM.  No joke.  2 days ago my oldest sons public high school english teacher called the house.  We were not home. So she left a voice mail.  It was not because he missed an assignment or because he had a problem.  It was just because she wanted to brag on him.   Are you kidding me?  
I figured out how to make a voice recording of it on my iphone, but I have no idea how to post it here. But I wrote it down.  Here’s what she said:

Hi, this message is for Mr. and Mrs. Berry.


This is __________, TJ’s English teacher.  And I’m just calling to let you know what an awesome student your son is.  I like to call parents and give them some feedback on how their kids are doing.  TJ is not only a leader in the class but he’s also a delight.  He has a great sense of humor.  He’s getting an A- in here just a wonderful wonderful boy.  I’d like to commend you and also commend him.  If you have any questions, you can give a call at _______________.  

Ok… so honestly, when was the last time you called a parent to brag about their son or daughter?  Crazy simple.  Crazy impactful.  
TEXT A NOTE:   My wife texts love notes.  My kids small group leaders text the encouragement notes.  You should do this.  I should do this.  It really makes your day.  
What could you text someone and say today that would light up their world and make them smile? 
WRITE STICKY NOTES:  The office across from mine is our college pastor.  Her sister came in and wrote stupid sticky notes on stuff.  Not like annoying 5000 of them on everything.  I had that done to my office once.  More like… one saying “your awesome”. a silly one saying “this is your door”.  And a bunch more. I’m sure it took like 5 minutes and made her day.  It made me smile. 
Go ahead, write a sticky note reminder for yourself to use sticky notes.  The use them in your friends houses, cars, and work places to stick amazingness everywhere.  It will be awesome.  

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