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So, I was in Kohls the other day looking for a new sweat suit for Christmas. In the process, I overheard a lady telling a story very loudly about being in the store when someone came in and asked the clerk where he could find an ugly Christmas sweater. The clerk looked at him a bit confused. He then proceeded to tell her that he was going to a party where the ugliest Christmas sweater won $100. I thought that was the greatest idea ever.

So I stole it. Not the sweater- just the idea.

We had our student leader Christmas Party last Saturday night at our house and decided to lower the expectations from ugly Christmas Sweater- to just plain ugly sweater. I went to the thrift store in search of mine- which I’m pretty positive I wore in high school while snow skiing. Anyway, others went to grandma’s in search of theirs. But, for the prize money of $40… here’s our contestants.

It was finally narrowed down by survivor-type vote-off to these two below. Jade (on the right) ended up winning with his grandma’s doily or something. Noah took second with his- shoulder pads and all. Oh good times.

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