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.. and all through our pad,
No kid was stirring, so the parents were glad
The stockings were waiting for santa to load
And I praised God were were past toy building mode

The dog was cuddled up all tight in a ball
While visions of rabbits danced in the hall
And mom on facebook, and dad on his blog,
We had nothing to do, but several hours to log

Out on the lawn there was a deer all lit up
As I sat by the window, my kahlua coffee to sup
It’s clear that December is full of the good and the bad,
Sometimes we laugh, and sometimes we’re sad

Today was a mixture of both types of those things
One of those days where I wish I had wings.
Wings to fly high up in the sky
Ask God to clear up the why

Why do good people suffer? What should I do with the past?
Why do I work so hard for the things that don’t last?
I’d ask God this and a long list of more
but honestly, all of it makes my thinker get sore

So on this Eve of that day God came here
I’m reminded how desperately I still need him near
When God is distant, my world goes amuck
My heart needs God’s HOPE, or I’m eternally stuck.

Merry Christmas friends.

In the midst of your busy and crazy lives, for those who will laugh and for those who will cry, I’m praying that this year we all experience some God given joy and a peace on earth that can be only found in GOD IS WITH US moments.   Oh Emmanuel, we still need you. I surely do.


  1. Very good poem that says it all.

  2. Great poem, i really enjoyed every bit. keep them coming.Ministry Evaluation Form

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