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If you’re a youth pastor and like me, you suckola at all things music. 

Well, then you might enjoy my latest article on Simply Youth Ministry that just hit the web.

Here’s a teaser:   

I have a confession: I’m a youth a pastor who’s a musical idiot. I like music. I’m just horrible at all of it. I can’t sing a note. I don’t know jack about youth culture music. I stink at name that tune. I can’t tell you any cool new up-and-coming bands. My iTunes play list is so uncool kids constantly unplug it and insert their own iPod instead during youth group. I can’t play the guitar. I tried once, and even got a guitar and a case. I took a lesson, and then at a youth group event my guitar was stolen. I decided it was a sign from God.

But this generates a huge problem. So much of my own teen years—and the teen years of my students—revolve around music. As a result, we use music a lot in our planning, messages, and as illustrations. Sure we do “worship music” and yes, it’s an all-student-led band because remember, I’m horrible at it. But what about the rest? How do I use current music in my ministry and compensate for my weakness if I can’t delegate the whole task away?

Here are some notes from a bona fide cheater:

You can read the rest here.

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