Husband. Dad to 5. Student Ministry Pastor. Follower of Jesus. Yatta yatta.


Ever have that feeling in your gut you can only describe as something that if you dropped it on the floor it would go “THUD”. That’s my day today. THUD. It might be an unfair assessment cuz my day’s not over, but up to this point. THUD is accurate.

It’s one step up from a SPLAT and not as nice as BOING. Here’s the chart of emotions I just invented.

BOING-enjoyed my day. would do it again if I could.
THUD- just lived. would rather not repeat it.
SPLAT- that hurt. now I need prayer.

maybe I should add pictures to that chart and patent it.

To the 5 of you who read this blog, I hope your day has more BOING than THUD and certainly less SPLAT than you were prepared to endure…. no one likes SPLAT.


  1. Hey Brian, this is Nick.

    Stop dressing your kids alike! YOu’re going to give em a complex! “My daddy never let me be myself,” “My dad always made us wear these terrible outfits…” All reasons for anti-depressants later on in life! YOu never know…

    Quite kidding of course. I like to read your blog. One day I just might begin myself. I keep saying that.

    Well, cheerio. Back in St. Louis now. Painting the house, etc. My day has been a bit of thud too, just for the record.


  2. Things I think you should know:
    1) I’m glad that God has blessed me with working for the leader that I prayed for.
    2) I’m glad you have my back…I hope and pray that, one day, I can have yours like you had mine today.
    3) I can’t wait to see where God takes our ministries next!

  3. Nick… try telling your theory to my wife when we’re on our way to a wedding. Um dressing them alike is the wife’s DNA or something.

    Josh… thanks bro. I’m blessed by your friendship.

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