Husband. Dad to 5. Student Ministry Pastor. Follower of Jesus. Yatta yatta.


Why do I do what I wish I did not? Why is self-discipline so hard?

Why do so many veteran pastors I know not lead a small group? Why are so many not even in one where they regularly live an accessible life to a few? When did that become “normal and acceptable?”.

Why does every pastor in my generation have a horror story tied to another pastor in an older generation? What will the generation of pastors below me think? Where are the blind spots in my leadership?

Why is it that older leaders who specifically and intentionally mentor younger ones are so rare and hard to find?

Why doesn’t God speak audibly and regularly to everyone? I think he and I should have coffee or holy water or whatever, face to face, once a year at least. I wonder why he doesn’t do that? I wonder what I would do if he did?

If as a Christ follower, I’m called to be like God, does the process of growing more like him stop at death or does it go on for eternity?

What did God do before he made the earth or time as humanity knows it?

How expensive does gas have to get before I quit buying it?

How many teachable moments have I missed with my kids because I was not tuned into the moment?

Why is it the more I learn, the less I know?

…. just some questions…. maybe you have your own list…. not sure I want answers so much as company in the journey.

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