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If you are one of the 4 youth pastors that read my blog, you need to know the joys of Coroplast.

For over a decade I’ve been doing some kinda set design…. some elaborate. Some simple. But almost always it has involved making something out of cardboard and then painting it.

Well, for the last 4 years I have not touched a piece of cardboard. Thanks to the beautiful and wonderous gift the sign industry calls coroplast- which is basically a plastic cardboard of sorts.

It’s about 10 bucks per 4 x 8 sheet, it comes in a grip of colors… even one that is clear so that you can backlight it if you want. You can cut it with a basic utility knife or a table saw or whatever your heart desires. We have used it for everything from life size silhouettes to cutting out letters to basic decor changes.

It pretty much rocks.

In our current series, I used the table saw for the first time to cut a black sheet into strips and then the students hot glued them onto a white sheet and we hung them from the ceiling to give the walls some pop for fun.

You just can’t be the transformational possibilities of coroplast. You can even get it in at least two thicknesses, one that is about a 1/4 inch thick that we use most often and occasionally we use the thicker one that is about twice that thick.

When I took our kids to the children’s museum, they had made an entire igloo and some trees out of it. You gotta love coroplast. The sign industry already does. You should get some and have some fun. I buy mine through our local plastics dealer, but you can also get it from wholesale sign supply shops.


  1. Saundra Blank says:

    Is coroplast green? I mean, can it be recycled??

  2. as one of the 4 youth pastors….
    we made giant bathroom signs out of coroplast when I was at saddleback (although, I couldn’t have told you until just now that that is what the material was called)

  3. Mike. Yeah for coroplast.

    Saundra. In short yes. At length, here’s your detailed answer:

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