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Last wednesday, we took our students to the beach. I know. It is tough. But someone’s got to do it.

10:00am. Intern arrives at beach to “pit sit” (babysit a beach fire pit so we have one that night) Pit sitting is the most critical and sacrificial job for the youth group bonfire.

10:15am. Second intern and I go to Costco to get supplies.

11:15am. Dumpster dive at lumber yard for firewood.

3:00pm. Drive to get java and then to the beach and set up.

5:00-9:00pm. Roast some dogs, hang with students, makes smores, take pictures, talk, and laugh. (click on the big crab pic to see it blowing bubbles 🙂

10:00pm. Home.


  1. Brain – as always, I LOVE your pictures. The group shot is the best. Now that Kiani is done with her 8 weeks driver’s ed course, maybe she can actually attend a beach event. But I’m super stoked she was able to attend OGN! Expecting God to do great thing in her and all the students!! Bless you and your ministry! Fran

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