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Our student ministry sponsors 5 kids around the world through several organizations.  The Berrytribe also sponsors a kid in Uganda through World Vision too.  His name is Kakooza Geoffrey.

Our student ministries sent each of them $75 toward the end of last year for an Christmas gift.  We did the same for Kakooza.  I just got a note in the mail- it takes a while sometimes to get half way around the world and then back to me.  The note thanked us for our sponsorship and for the generosity and said that the money was used to bless his family and here’s what he got.

So… take a good look at this picture. I’ve been to Geoffrey’s home.  He said that thanks to the money we sent, he and his family are now sleeping on new mattresses, a new bed, and new sheets.  
Now… look closer at the picture. Click on it directly on my blog and it will get bigger.  Seriously study it.  
Now, here’s what sponsorship does and why you should stop right now and go sponsor a kid through world vision or some similar organization.
CLOTHING:   It gives them clothes… that fit and are not torn. I promise you, the other 3 boys in this picture are not “sponsored”.  There’s a chance that they are Kakooza’s brothers “Kasibante and Kewessi” who he said were going to share the other mattress they bought.  That one boy is wearing a big long shirt and I’d bet you my closet full of clothes that’s all he’s wearing and that’s the only article of clothing he has.  Look at the shirt on the kid closest to him.  He’s not in a zombie film.  That’s his shirt!  For the love of God, please go sponsor a kid right now!
SCHOOLING:  You know why Geoffrey looks like that?  Cuz he gets to go to school.  I bet that he came straight from school and that very well might be his uniform.  He is getting an education because we send a mere buck a day his way.  An education for kids shouldn’t be a privilege, it should be a right. 
HEALTH CARE:  The life expectancy in Uganda is somewhere in the neighborhood of 53 years old.  Geoffrey is getting a great start by beginning his life with health care and food.  
HOPE:  you can’t put a price tag on hope. It gives a kid hope.  Oh God, please keep giving Geoffrey and his friends, family, and community hope.  
If you want to see what the other kids got, read this post. 

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