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Here’s an e-mail I got from Shannon today. Enjoy:

Tuesday mornings I volunteer in TJ and Jake’s classrooms. Thursday I’m in Tyler’s.
This morning during my time in Jake’s Kindergarten room, it was library time. The librarian had all the kids sit down and showed them the cover of the story she would read to them- “Jamberry”. She went on to ask the students to tell her some different kinds of berries. The kids said strawberries, blueberries, etc. Jake raises his hand and is called on. He says, “Jake Berry. That’s me!” The grin on his face went ear to ear!!! The librarian threw her head back and laughed and proceeded to call him ‘JakeBerry’ the rest of the time we were there. I have no doubt that she will know Jake Berry’s name his entire career at RSD!

I turned bright red and had to work really hard to stifle my own laughter!! This one is for the books-so glad I got to see it for my own eyes!! 🙂


  1. Love that little boy!!

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