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I’m in a suburb of Salt Lake City and I’m trying to find the hotel I’m staying in and when I do, it’s next to this Massive Ford dealership. And out in front of the dealership is this MASSIVE truck:

I think I’m getting old or changing or I dunno. Here’s what i used to think:

  • dang, cool truck.
  • I want to get in that thing.
  • How in the world do you see out of it? Who cares?!
  • I bet that was fun to do.
  • Let’s go mud bogging.

Here’s what I was thinking when I took the picture today:

  • why?
  • what a waste of money
  • this is why they say America uses more resources than any other country on the planet.
  • this is why kids are in poverty around the world, cuz Americans are putting $50,000 into lifting and painting fantasy dragon porn on the side of their trucks in the hopes that it will make other people buy more trucks.
  • what exactly is the purpose of a side step that is 7 feet off the ground?
  • I spent way too much time in Africa last year to appreciate this truck
  • This truck is 10x larger than anything I’ve ever seen in Uganda.
  • Crap… I own this same truck, just A LOT lower to the ground and a different paint job.
  • I must be an idiot too.


  1. I think that’s cool… love your honesty!

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