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If my kids said it once, they said it 50 times on our 14 day road trip this summer.  “Thanks for taking us camping Dad.”  As a Dad, I think it’s the best thing we do for our family all year.

This summer was our longest road trip yet: almost 2500 miles, touching 9 states, 3 campgrounds (Trinity Lake in CA; Yellowstone/Grand Tetons in WY; & Zion in UT), and having a ton of fun with friends and family along the way.  With TJ heading into high school this year, it really feels like the countdown has begun.  We have only so much time as a family before life starts getting really complicated with schedules and agendas.  I’m more committed than ever to not waste these next 10 or so years.  This is the last decade until everyone turns 18 in our home.  Crazy how time flies.  I’m gonna do everything I can to put on the brakes and make trips and experiences like these a must every break I can find.

You can take a gander at this slice of heaven in these pictures below.  They pretty much tell the story.  But whether you’re a camping family or not, here’s a couple of reminders I took away from our family vacation.

There’s no substitute for time spent.  You can’t rush impact on your kids.  Influence comes slow through methodical and consistent time spent over the long haul.

Intentionality and sacrifice is required.  Even if impact can come in spur of the moment times, it was planning that put my family on a road trip. It took time, money, effort, sacrifice, and focus to pull this experience off.  We decided to do this and the investment was beyond worth it.  But I can’t assume I will influence my kids or impact their lives by accident.  I must be intentional about it.

There’s something awesome about getting away in nature.  No cell phones. No internet. Just the beauty of God’s creation and the joy of spending time in some of the most beautiful country on the planet.  Really, we have an epic opportunity to experience nature in San Diego and in the State and National Parks around us.  It is so healthy and needed for my family to spend ample time in them. It’s good for all our souls.

Smiles and experiences like these are priceless.  I’m so thankful for this memory.  

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