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Often bedtime or meal time prayers around the Berry household (especially those said by the kids) are long lists of thank you’s to God. We have so much to be thankful for and this Thanksgiving was surely more proof of that. It was a first for Becky and Billy and for us with them. It’s so great to see it fresh and experience all the wonder of the holidays through new eyes and ears.
We expected a bigger crowd and invited several other friends and family, but in the end we had lots of cancelations due to other family obligations that came up. But since our family is 7 strong and we had 4 grandparents here, it made for a large group none-the-less.
Here’s a window into our day:
Becky was our hairdo specialist, adding berets to anyone with enough hair to hold them in 🙂
This is the pie making crew.
My dad and I gave the BBQ it’s annual cleaning before I BBQ’d the bird, like I’ve done every year since we moved to San Diego.
The boys and the papas made rockets to fire off on our post Thanksgiving day desert boy/man trip.
We watched the parade on a TV that we got last Christmas…. and that was super fun for my mother-in-law and wife especially who have had this as some kinda family tradition for decades or something (even going to it a few years back after Cheryl retired from Macys). Cheryl said it made her feel like she was there again. Billy also decided that he wants to go to the parade. I think there’s something about watching it that makes everyone want to go to New York right now too.
Finally, here’s the table all decked out and filled with the official “thanksgiving dishes” we inherited, the family, and too much food.

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