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Wrote another article for Simply Youth Ministry that surfaced today.

Here’s a bite size chunk:

Some surprises are fun. An unexpected birthday bash with your best friends. Christmas presents. The prize winning bottle cap from a Snapple Contest. A Willy Wonka golden ticket. Your boss gives you a raise because you are doing such a great job at the church. (In that case, it would be a miracle.)

While all of these surprises are very cool, they are also very rare. But over my years as a youth pastor, I’ve come to realize that most of the surprises youth pastors experience in ministry are not this much fun.

Surprise! We can’t find one kid at the theme park and we’re supposed to be on the bus and headed home now.

Surprise! We don’t really have a purpose for this meeting we just called.

Surprise! You’re leading this week’s teaching.

Surprise! Your annual budget reports are due on Friday.

Surprise! Small Groups are canceled for this week.

Surprise! Our summer camp is one month away and it’s going to cost $450.

Surprise! Our senior pastor just resigned.

If you’ve ever experienced one of those surprises, then you’ll agree with me—they are overrated and not much fun. So in the name of healthy surprises, here are some ways to keep from catching your team off-guard.

You can read the whole article here.

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