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Since 2002, every summer in August I’ve been going to the Leadership Summit from Willow Creek via satellite to some other part of the country. This year was no different. About 2 weeks ago I went with our staff across the parking lot (since we now host this broadcast here) to listen. I’ve been meaning to post my learnings for a while… but haven’t got around to it. Since our staff was asked to share them with one another today, this gave me the avenue to put them into a sentence or two. Here they are next to the communicator who inspired them. If they are in quotes- it’s direct from their mouth, if not, it’s my summary from listening:

BILL HYBELS: “Lead with a constellation”, not over a delegation. (fyi: A constellation is by his definition a group of people who you share power with instead of delegate to. They are people who may even have more power over an area of responsibility than you do)

JAMES MEEKS: Celebrate the “small victories”- they are the best way to keep the vision hot.

ANDY STANLEY: God cannot build a healthy church with unhealthy followers. My primary responsibility is health in me and my family so I have something to contribute to the cause. “Never violate the principles of God to gain the blessings of God.”

PEG NEUHAUSER: “In every conflict I either build, maintain, repair or damage the relationship. There is no neutral ground.”

ASHISH NANDA: Never underestimate the power of context and a team to bring about success.

JIM COLLINS: “Great people will do Great things when they do what they love.”

BONO: The gospel that changes a heart without moving your hands is not the Gospel. (this was the most powerful interview/music video piece I’ve ever seen)

PATRICK LENCIONI: Teamwork should come before, not because of a crisis.

WAYNE CORDIERO: A healthy self comes from “knowing what fills my tank and what drains it”. So guard the flow. ( Here’s some stuff that inspires/drains me)

1. Clean spaces inspire me, a constant mess drains me.
2. Accounting drains me, someone doing the accounting so I don’t have to inspires me
3. Healthy eating and exercise fills me up, feeling like a slug drains me
4. Time for me to be me fills me. Always serving everyone without taking time for me drains me.
5. Enough Sleep fills me. Lack of sleep for too long drains me.
6. Clear goals inspire me. Fuzzy goals or lack of vision is a bomb in the bottom of the tub.

There ya have it. If you went, maybe you can bond with them. If you didn’t, maybe I just saved you a hundred bucks.

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