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Saturday was consumed by baseball. Pretty much the foreseeable future of Saturday’s are consumed by baseball. 2 games every Saturday for my 2 oldest boys plus 2 in the week makes for a lot of baseball. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids, but baseball is long and well- boring. So, what to do while I pass 5 to 6 hours of Saturday’s at baseball besides just cheer and wait for my kids to have a chance at bat or have the ball come their way?

Option 1: Whittle. I thought about it, but it involves a knife and I’m sure some crazy parent will think it’s only a cover so I look like I have a purpose for the knife other than stabbing the ref in anger when he calls a bad strike zone. So, no whittling.

Option 2: Text Message. Sure, I could do a lot of this. But 2 problems. #1. I look like a technology dork who can’t pay attention to his kid’s game. #2. I hate text messaging. That’s out.

Option 3: Eat. Well… I just got back from a cruise and while I love a good “dog” at the game, I’d get HUGE if I did this. Eating is definitely out.

CURRENT SOLUTION: Spits: I took up “spits” again. I think I’m gonna buy a 5 gallon bucket full and see if I can go through them in the season.

-It keeps you busy cracking them in the stands.
-It’s socially acceptable to spit them at the baseball field.
-I get to be a kid again.
-Even 5 gallons of sunflower seed shouldn’t make me super fat.
Or maybe I’m just willing to risk it.

Here’s to baseball and spitting.

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