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Here’s some stuff from the world of the berrytribe family soccer season. From oldest to youngest.


TJ’s team is called the “scorepions”, but um yeah…. we didn’t do much SCOREing. However, today was different! We played a man down and made as many goals today as we have made all season- go figure. Crazy I tell you. Crazy! It was fun to coach today- not because the won so much as because the didn’t stand around acting like they forgot they were playing soccer. I love soccer, but this team made me think sometimes that I might suck at coaching. Here’s the crew.


Tyler’s team is currently in first place- undefeated with one tie. “The Storm” has been raging all year with some very gifted and talented athletes. Today Tyler scored again, a great shot where he beat his opponent, then waited for the goalie to make a wrong move and perfectly shot it in goal. I was so fired up for him. We have the semi-finals next weekend and then the final match for first place on the weekend before Thanksgiving. Pretty cool. Here’s that crew:


Finally, there’s Jake. We decided to pull Jake this year from our AYSO league and put him in a league where they only train in ball skills, don’t have a “real team” and show up on saturday for a mini-field game that is 4 v 4 with small goals. The kids then try and get control of the ball and “go to goal”. It’s perfect for his age bracket- though lots of injuries on the coaching staff kept this from being all that it could have been. I still like the concept better for his age bracket though. Here’s Jake with the crew on the last day (last weekend) and another with his buddies from our neighborhood.


Oh.. and I started playing indoor again on Sunday nights with the “has beens”. That’s good for my soul and my health. I love playing indoor. Last Sunday I scored twice. Rock on. No pic of me and my team. Sorry. I’m too fast for the camera 🙂


  1. i love that they’ll look back on these pictures for years to come. I still look at mine from time to time.
    I love even more that they know their dad took the time to coach the team… good dad work!

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