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Well I officially started my fall ritual of coaching both of my older boys soccer teams.  TJ is in under 12 (the Scorepions) and Tyler is in under 10 (the Storm).  Every Tuesday and Thursday between now and November 2 you’ll find me teaching soccer to 24 boys from 4:15pm to 7:15pm.  It also sucks up virtually every Saturday between now and Thanksgiving too.   

Tyler has said, “thanks Dad for coaching my soccer team” something like 20 times in the last 3 days.  Maybe even 25 times.  That makes all the sacrifice worth it.  
I’m praying that God uses me to bless my kids and represent Jesus well in our community.  
One final note: I was told by the U12 rep that I received more requests for kids wanting to be on my team than anyone else.  That fired me up.  Not due to some lame popularity game, but because I thought that meant that the last 3 years of coaching has produced a positive reputation for the Kingdom of God.  This year I have one returning student on my team whose family now attends our church as a result.  Neither of my assistant coaches this year are passionately following Jesus either- so this could be an amazing chance to share God’s grace with some people.
Pray it up.  


  1. Bro, send me a schedule! I wanna come see some soccer games this year!


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