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Tonight was the restart of our small groups after our winter break for Encounter High School Ministry.  I had a great night with my guys and really enjoyed reconnecting with them.  While we’re still a long way from perfect and even have a “let’s revamp some stuff” meeting on Sunday, there is some stuff that I’m learning that is worth sharing.

Here’s a video that shows 4 small things that seem to be working for us.  It was recorded at Youth Specialties in San Diego this last fall.

If you’re interested in the books I mentioned at the end, check out this blog post called “pick a numba” where I outline this principle and link to some resources.

If you’re interested in the small group talk sheets, check out these links.   They deviate from the style we use when teaching a series.  But each of these should be pretty easy to use and still follow a simple format that requires little to no prep on the part of the leader.


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