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I have some friends in the youth ministry world with some name recognition to them.   Like, if you travel in youth ministry circles, you’d know their names cuz they write and speak and lead some stuff that lots of people have found significant in their lives.

Tonight, as in the backyard of one of them when we were talking about some youth ministry stuff and the subject of tracking how many people come to our blogs came up.  It probably came up because I told them that I recently just passed up 1000 posts on this blog and that I wanted to do one of those cool blog posts on what thing I’ve written has received the most feedback or been read the most in the history of this blog, but that I didn’t know how to find out really.

So, as I got schooled in all things techy, we started checking the stats of one of the guys, and I found out that one of them gets about 2000 readers a day.  The other guy in our tiny backyard bonding group probably gets more.  HAAA!  Mine gets like 50.

While it is surely humbling how small this pond (or should I say puddle) really is, it did also remind me why I do this thing. In honor of my 1008th post, here’s my top 3 reasons I blog:

  1. It’s a good outlet for me to process my own life and learnings.
  2. I get feedback occasionally that what I write is good and helpful for some friends in youth ministry with me around the country.
  3. It’s fun to share some thoughts and learnings with my friends and family who I don’t get to see face to face but that can stay connected with me in some ways via this crazy internet. 
Well, there ya have it. Welcome to my puddle.  Come on back and maybe I’ll throw a rock in and the ripple will impact you in some small way. 


  1. I love our pond. And I love that you’re in it. Keep it up! 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Occasionally one of your posts hits close to the heart and your mom puddles up in front of the computer. We really enjoy seeing what is on your heart.


  3. Brian, let’s not forget that you’re the most fortunate youth pastor in the world!

    And that other guy is still totally kicking my butt statistically. But I am catching up… 😉

  4. Hey Brian…

    You might be a “small fish in a small pond” but to some of us you’re a big fish with a good voice that helps us grow.

    Keep chucking rocks…I like the ripples they create in my world

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