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I saw three signs in like two hours. One made me laugh. One made me mad. One made my heart smile. Here they are in the order of their appearing.

A FUNNY SIGN: On my way to search for coffee this morning I ended up walking down a 3 foot wide section of concrete that weaved it’s way through a planter bed. When I got to the other side there was a post placed right in the middle of the path with a sign bolted to it that read: “not a walkway”. I laughed. Call it what you want, but you made a sidewalk through the planter box… the very fact that you need a sign like this should be a problem. Not sure why? But someone has way too much time and money on their hands. Wish I had my digital camera with me.

A NOT SO FUNNY SIGN: I found coffee.. Now, I’m sitting in the Sheraton at the National Youth Workers conference in Sacramento put on by Youth Specialties because their lobby has free internet (woo hoo! the hyatt charges 10 bucks a day). Anyway, out the door is a guy in a white hat and black vest with a with the words “JESUS SAVES” in big huge yellow letters on his chest. Really wish I had my digital camera with me now. Anyway… he has a sign about the size of an interstate billboard that reads, “HOMOSEXUALITY IS A SIN”.

I don’t understand people like this. I’ve seen them hundreds of times on campus in college and around events I’ve been to around the country. They always drive big trucks with signs and carry banners and sometimes they scream and sometimes they don’t. But never once in all my life have I ever seen any of them with a sign that reads, “I’M A SINNER SAVED BY GRACE.”… or “FORGIVEN. WILLING TO SHARE.” It’s always about everyone but the guy in the mirror. I have a hard time stomaching judgmental spirits that lack humility.

A HAPPY HEART SIGN: After I left coffee at the Sheraton- I headed to this morning’s general session. On the walls of the convention center halls there were 2 foot by 2 foot signs people made and taped to the walls. There was one that read, “Brian Christopher Berry. I love you. Thanks for being an amazing leader, mentor, and friend.” I really really wish I had my digital camera now. Next year I’m bringin it. Buch- you warmed my heart… you rock.


  1. love you still!

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