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OK… so this post will be accused as being about ego, pride, and credit… so I’m going to go all the way. I HAD AN IDEA THAT HAS BEEN DEAMED GOOD BY POWERFUL PEOPLE!! Go figure. I’m famous now or something. However, it is totally under the radar. So, I’m claiming it. YES. I should be paid $2.50 in royalties from everyone who steals or uses this idea. It’s that good.


1999ish. I realized I’m an “out-of-sight-out-of-mind-guy” and I needed a way to put my entire calendar in front of me so I could plan intelligently. I looked around for options, but couldn’t find one I liked or could afford. So I dreamed up an 4 foot by 8 foot magnetic white board divided up into 12 months with tape and magnetic numbers and such.

2000ish. The other 2 members of the student ministries pastoral team that I worked with made a similiar one out of their whiteboards, just like mine but only 9 months, leaving 25% of their board available for brain storming.

2005ish. I took a new job in San Diego and was not allowed to take my whiteboard with me. I had learned my lesson though.. and decided that I wanted to be able to adjust it, 3 months at a time and rotate boards. So I had the facilities team (with Max’s help) make me four custom boards before I arrived.

late 2006ish. The junior high pastor here, Josh, got wise and decided to have the facilities team make his own set. He then posted this blog post about it where he gives me some props for it and pictured them in his office.

later 2006ish. Saddleback’s junior high pastor, Kurt (a mentor of Josh’s), gets wise to this info from Josh’s post and decides to make them into single months and implement them in their junior high department.

later still in 2006ish. Saddleback used their new creation in this Tip from the Trenches video where they make some lame attempt at recognition by calling me a “youth pastor in San Diego”.


So far, as I figure it: Dave Money, Doug Boyd, Nate Glaze, Dusty White, Joel Enyart, Josh Treece, Kurt Johnson, and anyone who actually does this after seeing the above video all owe me $2.50 for my idea fee. I’ll also take it in exchange for a Hazelnut Americano if you are in the area.

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