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I started Seminary again tonight. I’m in a christian ethics class from 7:15 -10 pm for the next 10 weeks. I tried really hard to enter class today looking forward to it. I tried to decide that I’d make the most of it. I tried to decide that I’d go ready to learn and listen and have a good time. Here’s what I was reminded of in class tonight:

  • Seminary is serious business. We don’t laugh. Smiling is allowed during breaks.
  • Seminary is about big words. The bigger the words, the smarter you are. (there’s probably a big word for this too. I’m just too stupid to know what it is)
  • Seminary is about listening, not conversing.
  • Seminary is about surfing the web on your computer while acting like you’re taking notes. Really, this happens every week. My mac won’t get the web in this place, otherwise I might have to confess my sin of distraction here too.
  • Seminary is a place where I put my big foot in my big mouth. I had to apologize after class for laughing at the professor’s use of a german word to clarify a students lack of understanding of a bigger word. I thought it was kinda funny. Bad idea. Mostly because I let an air of sarcasm slip out of my big stupid mouth. That and the fact that seminary is a serious serious place proved I was not funny at all. UGH. I think I’ll just sit there this quarter and take notes and mind my own $1200 worth of business. I was already thinking this, but after today I decided it’s pretty much a must do decision. I’m supposed to be talking in Big Church this weekend about Moses and “Dealing with difficult people.” Instead, I’m going to change the title to: “Dealing with Brian Berry”. I hope my professor comes and I hope my “alternative better self” is listening.
  • Seminary is set to be home for me once a week for the next 5+ years of my life. I better get this thing figured out soon. Year 3 for me is starting a little rough.


  1. i just applied to seminary…thanks for the post, it really encouraged me to want to jump right into the serious mess of higher education. Not to mention the added thrill of spending the next 7 years (i want 2 masters here) retooling the ol’ cognitive part of my cranium

  2. If you’re serious. yeah for you. If you’re sarcastic- be warned- that’s not funny in seminary.

    May your cranium be stretched and not cracked…

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