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Well, 5 years ago my wife redefined labor day and had a baby who is not so much the baby anymore. Jake started Kindergarten, is playing soccer, and reach the fabulous new height of 41″ plus. Look out roller coasters here we come.

We celebrated these new developments by taking he and his brothers and Shannon’s sister Caitlin to Sea World. There were several learnings this time around:

  1. It’s great to sit in the Soak Zone when it’s 100+ outside. Crazy hot and you dry crazy fast.
  2. Jake can grow 2″ really fast. Too fast. Time flies. Too fast.
  3. Um, sea world “fun card” passes do not work on the sunday of labor day and memorial day weekend. Do not confuse this with being no good on the actual labor day or memorial day. Not that we figured that out the hard way, but if we would have come on Sunday night per se on Jake’s real birthday…. well we would have found out we would have to come back on Monday instead. Go figure.
  4. Someone somewhere dreamed up a place where people would swim with killer whales and train them to work with people on a team. This is amazing to me, and for some strange reason, causes me to cry every time. I think it’s the vision thing. Maybe it’s the tribute to soldiers they do every time that sets me up to cry. But when I see this vision of someone realized in such a radical fashion, it always makes me want to see God do the amazing in my life. I know- it’s sappy. It’s just true. The stuff they do at this place with animals is mind boggling.
  5. I love nice landscaping. I’ve said this before. I’m weird like this. I’d go to sea world to look at the gardens. This time, I actually thought to myself: “I think I would enjoy working on the grounds crew here.” I’m a dork.
  6. I am blessed. Very very very very very very… yeah pretty much very blessed.


  1. Nice photos and all, but where the #%*%#*! are the “Climbing Mt. McLoughlin” and “Hellgate Jetboat Excursions” photo collages?!!

  2. P.S. You should check – I think your blog might be rated ‘R’ now with the dingbat-cursing in the comments!

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