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TJ: Dad, I have to do a science project.

DAD: Ok, What do you need help with.

TJ: I don’t care what we do, but I have to do a report on it. I can’t do the baking soda and vinegar volcano, but I want something to blow up.

DAD: Ok, let me get on the internet and find out how to blow something up… ok…. TJ I found one that makes soda explode.

TJ: Yeah Dad! Let’d do that!

DAD: Fill out the form and tell your teacher what we’re going to do.


TJ: Dad. I have bad news. Our science experiment got rejected. My teacher said our hypothesis was not good enough.

DAD: What?

TJ: Yea, she wants us to do an experiment watching radishes grow. Here it is.

DAD: Um, we’re not doing that. Here, take this note to your teacher. Brief note summary (my kid wants me to blow something up in the name of good science and you want me to grow radishes? Can we just come up with a new hypothesis?)

TJ: Dad, she says she still doesn’t get it, but if can make a hypothesis, we can do it.

DAD: Sweet. I’ll make something up. You make the list to give to Mom to buy and lets blow up some soda bottles.

TJ: Sweet.


End result: bottom photo is what happens when you dump 10ish mentos all at once into a freshly opened bottle of diet pepsi. Shoots up higher than my kid and creates a science memory he actually will care about. I’m sure someone is supposed to watch radishes grow. Just not an 8 year old boy.

Mabe we’re raising a future pyro-technics man.

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