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2 things got re-sized in my world.  Both of them unwillingly.


The first was my cable bill.  I added an High Def. DVR box to our house.  Long story short, I was told by 3 different cox cable reps that it was going to cost me an extra $1 more per month for the new box.  I decided it was worth it and went in to get my new box.  Just as I was ready to check out, I looked down on the counter and saw an ad that said they were selling my phone/cable/internet package for $20 less per month than what I was paying.  I asked if this was a promo rate and they said, “No.  This has been our main package since January.”  So, I said, “the truth is, not only would making the change NOT cost me $1 a month, but it should actually save me $20.”  Yeah, I was not happy.  So I sent the manager and e-mail since she was not in.  Today they credited me for 2 months of overpayment.  She said it was all she could do cuz she can’t go farther back than 60 days.  Something is better than nothing I guess, but I still don’t think “Cox is my friend in the digital age.”  A friend who overcharged me $20 a month for a year.  Who needs friends like that?  Ughhh.


I love peppermint stick ice cream.  Read LOVE IT.   I don’t know who decided that you can only get it in December or that you should not stock it as if it were a staple like Milk- but I disagree.  I also don’t know who decided that they could no longer give it to me 1/2 gallon at a time and charge me the same price for 1.5 quarts instead.  Watch.  Mark my words.  Pretty soon you’ll be buying gasoline by the quart instead of the gallon at the same price in the hopes that you won’t notice. 

I’m now gonna go eat a bowl and while enjoying my cox HD service, knowing I paid a lot more than I should of without even receiving it for a very long time. 

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