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Yesterday I woke up, tried to eat, but felt like junk. I went to the office to do a devotional and tried to study for my Old Testament final. Um, that wasn’t working so good so I went home.

Tried to sleep, then decided to do a reverse fast. Instead of not eating, I brought up everything I’d eaten to check for viral activity evidently. I hate puking. I hate having my head that close to my toilet. I have no idea how birds do it. How do you eat puke? Whose idea was that? Anyway, my puking has now stopped I think.

You know what’s the worst part though? My puke was brown and not pink. If the stores would start putting peppermint stick ice cream in the freezers I could have a nice creamy tasty puke. Instead. I’m stuck with leftover lunch. I’m getting bitter. Several more trips to the store, I even tried target’s freezer section have left me “peppermint stickless”. I’m going to go put on sack cloth and sit in ashes as I mourn now.


  1. Dear Brian,
    I am sorry your puke was not pepperminty.


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