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I got a call this morning from the boys school district at 6am. Due to the fact that there are like 8 fires burning in the SD area, they have caused the air quality to get bad and one fire to the south east could make it close enough to evacuate us if it continues to be blown our way today. As a result, our school district to be closed today so our kids are home. It’s like an area wide fire drill. We had to delay a trip to Idaho to visit some friends by at least a day since I didn’t think it would be wise parenting to tell my dad, “See ya. We’re out. If the fire gets close enough… go ahead and evacuate ok. See you later.”

We’re still waiting to see if the fire will come over several ridges and miles to make it to us. I sure do hope not. So we’re praying it up and waiting and doing what we can to be prepared and help those in need around us.

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