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So, i went to Target to get some stuff for Bible study and princess Lea walked by. I kid you not, hair in buns on the side of her head. White outfit. Everything. It was 5:30 pm and there were at least 200 people in line outside of the theater half a block away. There’s 3 radio stations doing live broadcasts and one tv crew. It’s now 9:43pm and I’m at my computer. Tens of thousands of people all over the country evidently are lined up (or now inside on the East Coast) to see the latest transformation of a man going from the force to the dark side with the revenge of the sith. I passed up a ticket tonight to a 12:01am showing in LA because it was either the “wisest thing I’ve done in a while” or the biggest proof in the world that I’m “old and out of it.” But here’s the real kicker for me right now. Honestly, I don’t really care about Starwars but a bunch of our culture deeply does. Some are even fanatical. I care deeply about Jesus- fanatically- but a bunch of our culture does not. Ironically- they are both in the same line at the theater tonight. I almost was with an entire youth staff from a church of thousands. I have friends that are passionate followers of a different force in the same line as princess Lea look-alikes. But then again, I guess that’s true of every line I’ve ever stood in- one common desire but different destinys. Maybe, just maybe I’ll have enough forethought to ask God to use me to bridge the gap and spur on conversations of a different Force. Jesus was a master at transitioning conversation. He asked a woman at the well about water and ended up talking about her soul. He answered questions about rules with conversations about conversion and sacrifice. I wonder how easy it would be for Jesus to turn a conversation in line at Revenge of the Sith to an Eternal One? I wonder how much he wants to do that but his followers will be lured away? I wonder if I would? I wonder if I already have? I pray not.


  1. I wonder if I would still be interested in a lot of the things I am interested in if our culture wasn’t interested in them. Donald Miller says that sometimes you have to see someone love something to love it yourself. I believe that’s true.

  2. Hmm. Interesting. I’ll ponder that… I also however think part of the reason our culture is what it has become is because art and form and expression- in every manner- are ultimately some tweeking of God given desire that has found another avenue. It’s like when we don’t keep out eyes focused on Jesus- we end up worshiping idols- like Aaron and the golden calf. When we do keep our eyes on Jesus, idols become obsolete and a distraction from the true God and experiences become opportunities to point a distracted culture back to the real One they are seeking.

  3. b berry bloggin. right on.

  4. What do you think of this book Brian?
    Christian Wisdom of Jedi Masters It looked hecka cult-like at first, but when I thumbed through it, it looked interesting.
    Glad to see you online, since you’re not in Fremont.

  5. Amy. The book looks interesting. I’d say as believer. read lots of stuff. stay informed. Just stay a thinker. If the author says stuff that makes you wonder… well read the Word and find the truth. Great to hear from you. May the force be with you 🙂

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