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Well, this year marks the end of the Pre-School season for our family. Shannon has been in Mothers of Pre-School children programs at our churches for years now. There have been lots of play dates and park trips with friends and such while one of the other kids was still in school. We both have signed our share of check in sheets. 6 years worth to be exact. All our kids did 2 years of pre-school and last wednesday, Jake closed the chapter for us. Wow how time flies.

Next year will be the first and only year that all 3 of our children are in the exact same school at the exact same time. Jake starts all day pre-school. Tyler starts 2nd Grade and TJ heads into 5th in the fall. I’ll have 3 mouths too feed, 3 lunches to make, and 3 boys to drop off to school every day, all year long. Sounds like a lot of work, but I actually think it will be the most fun. I’m not looking forward to writing a post a year from now telling you it’s over. So, I’ll just savor the moments all year long as best I can.

Here’s jake in all his glory rounding the final corner on the Berrytribe pre-school relay race.

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