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Dallas Willard in the Divine Conspiracy proposes that the beginning of the most famous of Jesus’ sermons, the “Sermon on the Mount“, begins with what is actually a role call of sorts.  In other words, he believes that Jesus is speaking to…

  • the spiritually drained
  • those hurting from loss
  • the quite and gentle
  • those who yearn to be more like God
  • those who are merciful
  • those whose heart’s are pure
  • those who mend broken relationships
  • and those who are persecuted
As I’ve been praying about this retreat I’m teaching at this weekend, I think that Dallas is right.  I think pretty much every time I teach in any context this entire audience is there.  It doesn’t matter if I’m teaching in high school or “big church” or at a retreat setting or even in a self-selected seminar… all of those people are there.  
Someone once wisely said, “if you preach to the hurting, you’ll always have an audience”.  If you ever teach the Scriptures to a crowd, know this is always true.  Someone is always hurting in ways we have zero awareness of.  
To that end, perhaps you can join me as I pray this prayer as I teach this weekend with several hundred men who each have their own unique story.  If you’re teaching too, maybe this can be your prayer as well.  (Adam, I’m praying this over you as you teach in our high school ministry too my friend.)  

May the drained be filled with the Spirit, the hurting find comfort, and the gentle find strength.  Oh God please speak clearly to those who yearn to be more like you and be merciful to those who show mercy. Protect those whose hearts are pure from that which seeks to pollute them.  Mend the broken and give them a peace that surpasses all understanding.  Holy Spirit bind up the wounded and protect those who are persecuted for right living.   Amen. 

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