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I know the Israelites had manna fall from the sky and they ate it. Then they started to complain about it and they woke up to a hailstorm of quail. (Exodus 16) But, I’m not thinkin’ this was a future marketing ploy by God. And I don’t want to be ungrateful, but I’d like to complain a little. Here goes: who told a local realtor that it would be a good thing to rain down bags of microwave popcorn on my driveway? I think I’d like to toss a few quail their way. Where do Dawn and Victoria live?

I woke up in the morning and someone (I’m assuming Dawn and Victoria paid someone and did not do it themselves) had driven around my neighborhood and tossed out their windows clear cellophane bags with candy corn pictured on it and a twisty tie on top. It’s like raining here- not a lot- but my enough to cancel my kids soccer practice last evening. Now there’s a wet dewey bag with popcorn on my driveway and I’m supposed to run inside, pop it in my microwave, feed it to my kids, and then call Dawn and Victoria so they can help me sell my house? Somebody went to one too many cheezy marketing seminars.

Dawn and Victoria, please stop throwing food products on my driveway. When my house gets toilet papered, just so you know, we don’t use that stuff either. (except my freshman year in college, when I was really poor and I took it with me to school in bags 🙂 Maybe that’s it- go to SDSU and huck popcorn at the students on their way to class. Maybe they’ll appreciate it more and when they get out of debt, you can help them get into their first home.


  1. ha! they thought they were fulfilling a need of yours. But they just got a blog rant. ha ha. sorry you have soggy popcorn.

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