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I’m on my way to seminary tonight and I walked through a parking garage in an pretty nice area of town and this sign is on the wall:

This causes 3 things in me.

#1. A huge urge to pee right here. No plans to pee in a parking garage. But the fact that this sign says I cannot causes me to think it might be a good idea. This probably means something.

#2. Makes me wonder: who decided to put this sign up and what events led to it? Like did this land lord have the whole flaming plate of manure on his porch too many times? How many times has this guy been peed on? Maybe he stood across the toilet from 2 brothers who peed on him too often when group peeing. (not that this happens at our house) Maybe he or she is from San Francisco in the Tenderloin… there, they have an entire department who does nothing but wash sidewalks in the homeless/drug heavy areas of town to keep the smell down. Yeah.. I’m full of urination trivia.

#3. I think I need this sign. I have no idea why, but I think I need it.


  1. When I was in college I used to hang out a bit with some students who were originally from Japan. We ran across a sign like this in Berkeley one time, and he said that in (at least his part of) Japan it is rather common for people to urinate in public.

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