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Just saw this product advertised. I think I might need it. 3 boys. $25. Sounds like a no brainer.

2 problems however:

  1. Who wants to clean the blue thing- especially since the toilet will not be splashing any rinse water on it.
  2. Instead of decreasing pee “misses”, it might increase them now that they have a reason to “aim” for something other than the water. The splash zone might just increase. Especialy when the sword wars occur habitually at bath time. It would be even more cool if you could order one with a target on the back. Maybe I’ll add my own.


  1. Tiptop blog, I like it 🙂
    keep it up!

  2. My parents would have loved to known about this back in the day. In the absence of the pee shield, my dad put up a sign that said: “no misfires.” It didn’t really work that well.

  3. You evidently don’t remember that we kept a small bowl of cheerios on the back of the toilet when you were learning to hit the water, The game was to toss one in each time you peed and then see how many hits you got before you were out of ammo. Love, Dad

  4. nope Dad…. definitely don’t remember this.. but would have been good advice to pass on a few years ago 🙂 Might have made pee pee more exciting for my boys. Now they’re big enough that I’d have to throw in donuts to inspire them.

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