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Memorial Day started with bill paying.  Yuck.

But then we went to the park for a photo shoot with Sarah Tolson in the clothes we bought for the family in Africa.  Super excited about seeing those pics…. but I don’t have them yet.

In the meantime.  I can show you the ones that followed as we headed to the Hammonds (whom we have been bonded with forever as we adopted our kids together and journeyed to Africa and back for the month of January) for a good ol fashion pool party.   Becky and Billy started taking swimming lessons last week and I cannot believe how much they have changed in 3 months.   From deathly scared of dogs, animals, and water to diving straight into the deep stuff and greeting strange dogs. 

Anyway, good weather, laziness, and good friends and family makes for a good day to celebrate the lives of those who have died to create the country I call home and has given me so much of the privileges I have. 
Here’s some pics of the day. 

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